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Aside from the quantity of pumps that you buy, also consider their design and components. The most important thing to look for is their ability to endure the load that they are subjected to.

Due to the quality of the aggregates, it is very difficult for users to identify the real value of these materials. Stefan Himmelsbach, an engineering expert at the Tsurumi Group, explains how this issue is exploited by manufacturers in the Far East.

This manufacturer has taken various steps to prevent the unauthorized copying of their products. However, they have had a hard time dealing with these pirates due to their own brand character.

Without CE Seal:

              Himmelsbach also suggests that all pumps sold in the European Union have a nameplate. This is especially important for European pumps.

Having the wrong information about a product can be very costly. If the wrong information is provided, the product is not approved and could result in an accident.

The electricals are also of course a point of neuralgic concern. The use of safe and certified cables is very important.

Clone or first copy components installed:

Tsurumi follows strict procedures when it comes to the securement of its products. This includes the use of approved components. One example of this is the individually molded electrical cable.

Although some companies only produce hidden components, Tsurumi regularly purchases double-sided seals for pump shaft components.

These fake seals are very similar to the original ones and are made of inferior materials.

original brands offer safety:

Some components are specialized, such as those used by Tsurumi for its contract pumps. One example is its oil lifter, which is a patented technology that helps in loosening the pump’s oil.

Himmelsbach advises that customers should only buy from specialists after having a comprehensive consultation. He also noted that a good service network is also important to consider.