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Ten thousands of Hammelmann high pressure pumps are operating worldwide and in almost all branches of industry. whether running around the clock or just intermittently what counts for our customers are energy efficiency, reliability, performance, service and innovative solutions.

The company founded 1949 in Oelde, Westphalia by Paul Hammelmann took the decision to start manufacturing high pressure pumps and systems during 1955 laying the foundations of the current business. Hammelmann was a pioneer in the industry that was then known as Hydrodynamics and was responsible for many important breakthroughs. Up to now over 300 patents have been granted both at home and abroad which are a sign of the continuous, innovative development that has been part of our policy for decades.

In endeavouring to solve individual problems and come up with reliable solutions the company has grown from modest beginnings into an internationally recognized manufacturer of high pressure technology products. The works in Oelde cover an area of 30,000 square metres.​

The DP 60 was the first pump produced in Oelde. It had an operating pressure of 60 bar and a flow rate of 60 l/min and was used in a cleaning system in the paper industry. Today we can achieve operating pressures up to 4,000 bar and flow rates up to 1680 l/min.​

Years and years ago the point of fitting a cover over a high pressure unit was just that. Today the covers have more to do with sound and exhaust emission control. Hammelmann also supplies individual elements such as dust particle filters and microprocessor control units.​

During the mid sixties operating pressures were up to around 500 bar. In 1974 Hammelmann revolutionised high pressure technology with the introduction of the friction free plunger seal assembly. This metal to metal seal enabled plunger pumps to reach operating pressures up to 2,000 bar and have a reasonably long component working life.

​In 1969 Hammelmann started marketing the Dockmaster as the first semiautomatic ship washing machine. Today’s version of the unit is environmentally friendly with direct vacuuming of waste and waste water which is used to strip paint from hulls rather than clean them. It has also been used for selective removal of concrete.

Following Hemmelmann Pumps models are widely used around the world for mission critical applications.

HDP 40 Pump
HDP 30 Pump
HDP 20 V Pump

Hemmelmann Pumps are used in following Industries

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