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Pratissoli Pumps Dealers in India

Get Pratissoli pumps from respective Dealers and distributors of Pratissoli pumps in India. Pratissoli pumps manufacture high-pressure pumps, jetting pumps and ultra high pressure pumps from Italy for various industrial applications. Pratissoli Pumps are known for high LPM (up to 1000 LPM) and higher Pressure (in the range of up to 1800 bar). Application ranges from Petrochemicals to mining to water treatment industry.

Founded in 1947, Pratissoli Pompe established itself from the beginning of its activity thanks to the talents of its founder, Leonida Pratissoli. With great intuition and skills he anticipated the needs of a market in those years characterized by the ferment for agricultural mechanization.

For this reason, the first diaphragm pumps for spraying and weeding were born and quickly established themselves both in Italy and abroad. The technological and rigorous criteria adopted for those pumps, still recognized today, were soon appreciated also by the industry. Thanks to that, the company entered the world of piston pumps in the first part of the 1970s, which replaced the membrane ones because of superior performances.

Dedication, pride in results, enthusiasm, and motivation are the driving elements that have accompanied the company to the present day.

Following Pratissoli models are widely used around the world for mission ciritical applications.

EKL22   KF30   MH50   SV2
EKL25   KF36   MH65   VF12
F30        KF40   MK60
HF18     KL36    MS40
HF20     KL40   MS50
HF25     KL50   MS55
HF25     KS40   MW40
HS20     KT22   MW45
KE30     KT24   MW50
KF28     KV12    RA2

Pratissoli Pumps are used in following Industries

Pratissoli Pump Models – Jetting and High pressure Pumps

Pratissoli pumps are widely used in the following countries including the USA, UK, Italy, Turkey, Deutschland, Belgium, Brasil, and many other countries.


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