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Chemical Industry Pumps

Pumps for Chemical Industry in India

Dealer and Supplier of Chemical Industry Pumps offered by Pumpscart in India. This makes us a preferred choice as a provider of pumping solutions for a diverse range of applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

We are leading provider of Chemical Industry Pumps In India ,These pumps are best suited for X-ray plants, Filtration Systems. Photo Processors, electroplating equipment’s, metal finishing machine. chemical filters, water treatment plants, etching machine, liquid circulation, agitation descalling of refrigeration air conditions unit, silver recovery systems, day bath, heat exchanger PCB plant and other chemical industries. We, at An Pumps take pride in our ability to customize pump materials and come up with solutions that are ideally suitable for handling liquids of varying degrees of viscosity and lubrication. Our pumps can also be customized to handle aggressive chemicals at extreme temperatures. This makes us a preferred choice as a provider of pumping solutions for a diverse range of applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

Types of Chemical Pump

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Drive Pumps are a leak free centrifugal pump, suitable for any corrosive or hazardous chemical including dirty, aggressive, solids laden liquids. The pump liquid is hermetically sealed from the drive end and the driving power is transmitted via magnetic force, using powerful synchronous magnetics (magnetic coupling).

Drum Pumps

Drum Pumps are a portable pump option, ideal for intermittent operation. A drum pump allows you to transfer chemicals from a 200 litre (44 gallon) drum. These pumps are ultramodern, incorporating design features to keep operation simple, reliable and effective. They are suitable for transferring thin to low viscous, neutral or corrosive liquids.

Air Operated Diaphragms Pumps

Air operated diaphragm pumps or pneumatic diaphragm pumps are reciprocating pumps where the working elements are flexible diaphragms. They are a leak-free pumping option offering variable flow and discharge pressures. These chemical pumps come in a range of sizes and specifications, therefore it is important to pick one that is suited to your needs.

Centrifugal Pumps

The velocity generated by the centrifugal forces make this pump highly effective at transfers extremely corrosive and hazardous chemicals. By utilising rotating impellers, they can increase velocity, and help to push fluids through an outlet valve. Using rotational energy supplied by an impeller, these pumps are able to move liquids safely and efficiently.

Lobe Pumps

This positive displacement style pump is prefect for moving thicker products such as creams and oils. Lobe pumps are positive-displacement type pumps that use two or more lobes rotating around parallel shafts in the pump’s body to move liquids. They are widely used in the hygienic processing industries, including food & beverage processing and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.



What is a chemical pump?

Chemical pumps are used in the petrochemical, food processing and chemical industries as well as in off-site applications of refineries and in high-temperature heating systems. They pump hot, cold, aggressive, volatile, explosive, toxic, contaminated and especially valuable liquids.

Which pumps are used in chemical industry?

  • Centrifugal pumps: These are the most common type of pumps used in the chemical industry. 
  • Positive displacement pumps: These are all types of rotary pumps and include gear, screw, rotary vane and piston pumps.

What are chemical pumps used for?

The range of products manufactured in the chemical industry is vast, and pumps are used extensively in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries. They are employed to transfer and circulate liquids, as well as for dosing applications.

How are pumps important in chemical industry?

Pumps in the chemical industry. The chemical industry has perhaps the greatest demand for pumps that both perform and provide protection to employees and the surrounding work environment. A chemical producer will have to handle aggressive acids which are not only toxic, but also highly flammable and explosive.

Chemical pumps specification

Speed Max 3600 rpm
Pressure Low Pressure
Brand Akshat
Casing Pressure (Mpa) Up to 2.5 MPa