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Ebara is divided into three main divisions: Fluid Machinery & Systems Company, which produces: Pumps: standard and engineered pumps, and pumping system engineering. We offer a diverse solution to water, energy, and environmental issues through its superior products, technologies, and services. Foremost among these are the pumps and other fluid machinery that comprise an essential part of society’s infrastructure. Series end suction centrifugal pumps are available in either close-coupled or frame-mounted configurations. The TH series is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, including heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer, and water supply.


Fields of applications



EBARA offers a wide range of solutions thanks to its extensive experience in the business of electric pumps, developed for more than 100 years, and to the great knowledge of the performance and specifications of stainless steel, a material that perfectly fits various industrial applications. 


Building Service

Comfort, well-being and safety are the main necessities that everybody wants to satisfy in his home environment, in his workplace and in his free time. An advanced climate control system, simple and effective in providing heat or cold in various situations, water management in all domestic environments without waste, and an always reliable security system in case of fire: are just some of the applications for centrifugal pumps. EBARA is able not only to provide the right product for these instances but above all to ensure comfort, reliability and cost savings throughout all the period pumps are used.


Drainage & Wastewater

All around the world buildings and industries produce wastewater, which has to be disposed of in a reliable way in order to meet regulatory standards. Our pumps and lifting units guarantee an effective purification with highly reliable systems, both for small household applications and large industrial installations. Whatever the application, EBARA has a fast and efficient solution.


Water Supply

Water distribution and treatment is the basic condition for human life, from civil applications to use for agriculture. For this reason, EBARA knows to have a great responsibility towards people and the environment, and the company constantly works to meet the water needs with great efficiency, while respecting the environment.

Following Ebara Pumps models are widely used around the world for mission critical applications.


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Industrial Pumps India
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