High Pressure Pumps

Hydro Jetting Machine

Riggers Pumps manufactures high-pressure Hydro Jetting Machine for the pressures ranging from 140 bar (2000 PSI) to 1400 bar (20,000 PSI).

Vehicle Wash

Riggers Pumps are used in cleaning and maintenance of Vehicles like Car wash, truck wash and agricultural Vehicle cleaning.

Hydro Blasting Machine

Hydroblasting is a technique for cleaning external surfaces, which relies entirely on the sheer force of water from a pressurized source to achieve the desired cleaning effect on the intended surface.

Hydro Test Pump

“Hydro Test Pump” is a diagnostic technique to perform High Pressure Hydro Test of tubes, pipes, hoses, cylinder, Hydro testing of pressure vessels & boilers, High Pressure Hydro Testing of cross country pipe lines, valves, castings, components etc… for leaks or defects.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial are a high pressure reciprocating plunger pump that uses high pressure water jet to remove mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces.

High Pressure Cleaners

High pressure cleaning and washing is normally done by high pressure water jet pump to remove dirt, mud, oil, grease, paint, debris, scale etc… High pressure reciprocating plunger / piston pump develops high pressure due to smaller diameter orifice of the nozzle, which develops high pressure which in turn converts in to high velocity causing water jet blasting on the object.

Sewer Cleaning & Drain Jetting Pumps

Riggers Pumps offers high pressure plunger pumps for flow rate from 14 lpm to 445 lpm and pressure up to max. 3000 psi. Riggers Pumps pumps are rugged in construction, have medium speed and perform to the entire satisfaction of the customer.

Wet Sandblasting Equipment

Nowadays, wet sand blasting by high pressure water jet pump has got wide acceptance in the field of surface preparation as well as in paint removal & rust removal. In wet sandblasting, an abrasive material is mixed with the water jet to create an abrasive spray.

UHP Fire Fighting Equipment

With field confirmed reliability in applications, Riggers Pumps provides the perpetual and most reliable high pressure triplex plunger pumps and systems for UHP fire fighting equipment

Tank and Reactor Cleaning System

Tank cleaning is the most essential In the industries. production of most of chemicals, petrochemicals, breweries and other process industries, the internal surfaces of vessel cleaning and reactor cleaning at internal surfacemust be cleaned on a regular basis.

Descaling System

Our Pumps are designed for hour long operations and efficient operations for descaling various surfaces like rusty surfaces, Oily surfaces, contaminated surfaces.

Water Misting System

High pressure low flow pumps from Riggers Pumps are used in misting applications for homes, industries and commerical applications.

Household Cleaning

Our Pumps are desinged for hour long operations and efficient operations. used in car, bike and other vehicle washing application.