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CAT Pumps Belt Drive Pumps


Cat Pumps offers a range of belt-driven pumps from 0.13 GPM up to 240 GPM. Belt-drive is a very popular option because of the flow flexibility given within pulley ratios. Using a belt-drive isolates the pump from the heat and vibration of the motor or engine driving the pump. The belt also isolates shock from an engine or motor on start up, which can put excess wear on the crankshaft and drive end components. Belt-drive pumps give the flexibility of changing pump flow by a simple pulley change.

Belt-driven pumps are available in brass, nickel aluminum bronze and stainless steel with a wide range of flow and pressures:  0.13 – 240 GPM, and 100 – 10,000 PSI. Complete drive packages (pulleys, hubs, keys and belts) are available for all of our pumps. For assistance in sizing drive packages, please e-mail: techsupport@catpumps.com or call 763-780-5440.


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