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CAT Pumps CSS / CVS & LTK Series

  • High operating efficiency
  • Motor is designed with higher cooling effect to ensure the life
  • Easy to dismantle and repair
  • Noise-less operation



C.R.I. Vertical Openwell Submersible Pumpsets are ideally suitable for Openwell / Tanks where a wide fluctuation of water level occur. This works underwater and rest at the bottom of the well or Tank. Hence suction and priming problem will not arise. The optimal dosing of impellers and diffusers enables the best possible hydraulic efficiency.


Motor sealing is made by polymers, ‘O’ rings, oil seals and sand guard to avoid ingress of well water/sand into the motor. Pressure equalizing rubber diaphragm is provided to guard the motor from pressure and volume variation of water inside the motor. Motor must be dulled with clear, cold, drinking water as detailed in our operator’s manual.


  • Domestic
  • Multi storey buildings
  • Gardens
  • Rural water supply
  • Irrigation


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