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Ebara Pumps Model CB

Double suction pump

Features and Benefits

High levels of efficiency with leading-edge design

High efficiency
・Challenge to the theoretical limit with optimized hydraulic design
・4% Approx. higher than existing model

Reducing operation cost
・Design pump smaller leads required power smaller

Improving suction performance
・ Low NPSH-R while applying higher speed
・ Ensure high suction lifts even with large flow
・ Minimizing cavitation




Capacities To 53㎥/min(50Hz)
To 62㎥/min(60Hz)
Heads To 135m(50Hz)
To 150m(60Hz)
Liquid Handled Type of liquid Clean water, Industrial water, River water
Temperature 0 to 80℃
Max. Operating Pressure 16bar(1.6MPa)
Construction Impeller Closed double suction
Shaft seal Mechanical Seal
Flushing No Flushing
Ball Bearing Sealed ball bearing(grease lubrication)
Frange Jis 16K RF, GB PN 16 RF
Material Casing FC250 or FCD450 *
Impeller CAC406 or SCS13 *
Main shaft SUS420J1
Mechanical Seal Ceramic/ Carbon NBR
Silicon carbide/ Carbon FPM *
*The applicable material is determined by the model.


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