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Ebara Pumps Model DCS/DCD

High-pressure multistage pump (double casing)

Features and Benefits

(1) High discharge head.
(2) Internal casing is in ring sections.
(3) Track record in CO2 injection applications.
(4) Impeller layout is unidirectional.
(5) Compliance with API610.



Specifications Flow rate ~1300 m3/h
Diameter Φ50~Φ350
Handled fluids Petroleum refinery, petrochemical, chemical engineering, boiler water
Handled fluid temperature -45 ~ 400ºC
Head ~2,000m
Driver Various kinds available
*For further details, including other specifications, please contact our sales office.
Export Trade Control Order listed product
Due to its specifications, this product falls under “goods listed in the Export Trade Control Order.” The permission of the Minister of International Trade and Industry is required to export this product.


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