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Ebara Pumps Model GS

Features and Benefits

Energy-saving Design
・World top class pump efficiency achieved.
・Major improvement over our previous models by impeller designed using our proprietary 3D inverse design technology.
・Higher efficiency means lower energy consumption and motor output, and more compact size.

Simple Maintenance
・Back pull-out structure enables disassembly and inspection without removal of suction and discharge piping.
・Shield bearings eliminate need for adding or exchanging lubricating oil.
・Shaft seal flushing and quenching piping not required for the standard application.
・Air-bleeding not required.
・Simplified bearings and shaft seal enable easy assembly.

International Standards
・Pump dimensions adopt EN733
・Mechanical seal adopts EN12756
・Protector fitted in accordance with EN294.


Specifications :

Capacities To 1300m3/h (50Hz)
To 1500m3/h (60Hz)
Heads To 150m (50Hz)
To 150m (60Hz)
Liquid temperatures -10℃ to 140℃
Max.working pressures Up to 25Bar (2.5MPa)
Materials Casing: Cast Iron,Ductile Cast Iron
Impeller: Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel
Standards EN733
Rotation Clockwise viewed from coupling end


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