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Ebara Pumps Model SAL

Light-slurry service end suction pump

Features and Benefits

・Special design that includes the “”limit-load”” feature, without exceeding horse power limits when pumping.
・Directly connected electric motor as part of the standard specifications, making its operation stable.
・Main frame and impeller are made using a special cast iron, increasing resistance to abrasion.
・Leakage to the ground is reduced by using a reinforced pump outvane.



Handling liquid liquid electrolyte Slurry containing granules
Temperature 0 to 80 ℃
Density 1.1kg / ℓ
Allowable pushing pressure 0.1MPa
structure Impeller semi-open
Shaft seal grand packing
Bearing sealed ball bearings, ball bearings (oil bath)
material Casing chromium cast iron / two-phase stainless
Impeller high chromium cast iron / two-phase stainless
Main shaft SUS403 (EFG type), S35C (HJ type)
Flange JIS10K equivalent


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