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Ebara Pumps Model UCWC

Process liquid seal-less canned motor pump

Features and Benefits

(1)Compliance with API685.
(2) Leak-free construction: Seal-less design is safe and good for the environment.
(3) Rotor is completely enclosed: Prevents accidents caused by contact with rotor.
(4) Elimination of complex seal system and water-feed pipes: No need for rotor seal system or water-feed pipes, for ease of maintenance.
(5) Reduced installation area: Contributes to space saving in plant.
(6) No direct-connection tasks needed: Cuts down on installation time and contributes to reduction of maintenance costs.



Specifications Flow rate ~ 355 m3/h
Diameter Φ40~Φ150
Handled fluids Process liquids
Handled fluid temperature -35~450ºC
Head ~ 250 m
Driver Electric motor
*For further details, including other specifications, please contact our sales office.
Export Trade Control Order listed product
Due to its specifications, this product falls under “goods listed in the Export Trade Control Order.” The permission of the Minister of International Trade and Industry is required to export this product.


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