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Float Switch


  •  CE Certificated.
  •  In 3-wire SPDT version, normally open for pump down and normally closed for pump up.
  • Non-toxic, corrosion resistant, polypropylene float housing.
  • Includes an innovative one-piece fixed weight for mounting; no clip to lose.
  • Mechanically-activated, snap action contact, wide-angle pump switch designed for preference and dependability.
  •  Waterproof Epoxy Treatment. The float switch cable is fortified by Epoxy resin to strengthen its waterproof capability. This reinforcement can effectively prevent water and moisture intrusing in the float switch through the cable and will substantially extend the life expectancy of the float switch.


Cable :
● PVC cable H05VV-F (generally environment used)
● Flexible rubber cable H07RN-F (cold environment used) 1mm², 3 conductors.
● Cable length optional : 3M, 5M, 10M, others.

Float :
● Non-toxic, corrosion resistant polypropylene housing for use up to 50oC (122oF)

Electrical :
● Type Of Load R-M = Resistance-Motor Load
● 250 VAC Rated Voltage
● Maximum Pump Running Current : 10(8) amps
● Frequency : 50/60 Hz
● Micro Disconnect Automatic Life Cycles : 50,000 times.

Protection Rating :
● Ip68



● Pump Down

●Pump Up