Intelligent standard pump room



Establishment of energy-saving system

Pumping station efficiency improvement: η0 = η1 * η2 * η3 * η4 * η5 (η1: motor efficiency; η2: pump efficiency; η3: internal transmission efficiency; η4: inverter efficiency; η5: control system efficiency), big data Analysis of pump station selection strategies supported by analysis, night-time low-flow response plans and energy-saving measures for high and low peak water pressure self-adjustment


Establishment of safety system

Equipment safety design:

defensive negative pressure suppression, three-level safety mode; intelligent hot standby redundancy; vector full-frequency anti-shake; embedded speed touch; self-diagnosis protection; multi-channel fault reminder.

Four-stage linkage of pump room:

real-time monitoring of all data, joint control of security, joint control of flooding, joint control of temperature and humidity, joint control of fire alarm


Establishment of a standard system

Standardization of pump room systems; standardization of pump room design

Standardization of pump room construction, standardization of pump room transfer


Establishment of intelligent system

Improved intelligence of pumping stations (edge computing)

Construction of remote two supply and maintenance platform (cloud computing)



I. Construction of standard water supply pump house in new community

2. Reconstruction of standard water supply pump house in old community

Intelligent standard pump room