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Multi-functional Aquatic Pumps


  • “Quality Water for Quality Shrimp”is an invariant culture. It is essential to provide quality living environment for quality and successful high density Shrimp farming needs. To reduce the risk of disease and increase productivities of Shrimp farming.
  • Water Managment The 5-in-1 pumpscart pump design FN-A1 guarantee the best management water conditions and environments for the growing of quality shrimps and fishes.
  • FN SERIES SEWAGE/EFFLUENT SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS By equipped with High Solids Epoxy Resin coating and anode plates, the FN Series can effectively slow down the corrosion by sea water so as to increase the lifetime of pumps. The circular stainless-steel feet design is damage free to HDPE plastic pond base while moving.
  • +NZ SERIES Sprinkler Aerator Pump NZ-type design Sprinkler Aerator effectively enhance the water quality in aquaculture environment. The water jet is propelled from nozzle with high velocity, droplets with maximum air contact fall back into a large surface. This continuous diffusion of oxygen in the water will increase the oxygenation rate and reduce accumulation of undesirable substances in the bottom the pond. ※Taiwanese Patent No. M575959. All Rights Reserved.
  • +J SERIES SUBMERSIBLE EJECTOR PUMPS The J- Series uses a high velocity jet of water to create air suction and transfers those small air bubbles by underwater aeration pipe. With maximum length 8~12m (which depends on pump type) and depth 1.2m, the aeration pipe greatly increases the level of dissolved-oxygen.
  • +S SERIES Scum Skimmer Patented design S-type is a dreg-suction device. Once the scum flows into the “black hole” collecting bucket, it is locked in the barrel without overflow. The water spray column is arranged on the top to eliminate foam or viscous substance. ※Taiwanese Patent No. M530032.All Rights Reserved.
  • +W SERIES Sludge Pump Patented design W-type is a mobile sludge suction pump, which pumps and drains out of waste materials from the sludge pit (i.e. shrimps toilet) to maintain better water quality for aquaculture farming. ※Taiwanese Patent No. M457082. All Rights Reserved.


Item Description
of Use
Liquid Temp. 0~40°C
General wastewater • Sewage and Drainage water
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
2P (50Hz : 3000rpm /
60Hz : 3600rpm) · Dry Motor
Class B(1HP) • Class F(2~5HP)
Protection IP68
Protector Auto-cut
Bearing Ball type
Double M.seals
Impeller Open
Outer Cover FC200
Motor Frame SUS304
Shaft End
Casing FC200
Impeller FC200
footing SUS304
VCT or H07RN-F or SOW
Pumps can be customized to fit specifications


● Water supply and drainage of fish bream and aquaculture.

● The pools and sinks stir the water flow to prevent sedimentation and corruption of sewage.

● Oxygen supply in the breeding pond.