NSC Single Stage Double Suction Split Case Pump


Technical data

Capacity Q:50-20000 m3/h

Head H:10-230m

Suction Dia DN:100-1400mm

Discharge Dia DN:80-1200mm

Operating Pressure P:≤5MPa

Operating Temperature T: -15℃-+200℃( above80℃, pls contact CNP)

Abrasive medium concentration: ≤4%



Clean water or medium similar to water in Physical and chemical properties

Water supply /Drainage /Irrigation /Power station /Hydropower station /Fire-fighting /Air-conditioning /Building industry /Marine applications /All kinds of water for industrial process

Abrasive medium

Sand water /Oxide scale water /Others

Corrosive medium

Desalination /Bittern / Sea water /Others

High temperature medium

Heating network circulating water /All kinds of chemical liquid

Petroleum and chemical liquids(according to API610 BB1)

Crude oil and refined oil / Oil loading and unloading of oil terminal /All kinds of chemical liquid