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Point Pumps PS6MO

Rating 3.0HP- 20.0 HP (2.2kW- 15.0kW)
Head Range 8 – 250 mts
Discharge 240 – 1300 lpm
Phase 3 Φ


Submersible pump in multi-stage construction with radial or mixed flow impellers coupled with oil or water filled, single or three phase submersible motors. These pumps are very light weight and compact in size.These pumps can be installed with HDPE/UPVC/GI pipes. They are easy to arrange and dismantle. These pumps have low power consumption and designed for optimum efficiency .Less vibration and lower noise level due to dynamically balanced rotating parts .These are deigned to withstand voltage fluctuations.Non overloading power characteristics protect the motor. These pumps also find wide usage in continuous supply of water in farming


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