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Series e-80 Close Coupled In Line Centrifugal Pumps


Expanded range of energy efficient in-line pumps

We have applied the power of e to our Series e-80 close coupled in-line pumps to deliver the industry’s highest efficiencies, performance and durability.

The new pumps feature stainless steel impellers and an expanded Efficiency Island for efficient pumping across the widest range of operational conditions.  The e-80 is designed for vertical or horizontal in-line mounting. The Series e-80 are available in a wide range of sizes and with integrated sensorless or sensored Technologic variable speed drives.



  • Higher hydraulic and energy efficiency
  • Exceeds proposed DOE efficiency regulations
  • Maximized hydraulic coverage
  • Stainless steel impeller for performance and durability
  • Available with Integrated Technologic drives for sensored and sensorless applications


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