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Vertical Multistage Centrifugal In Line Pumps


HVM Series (50Hz)

  •  HVM, HVMT is a high-efficiency and energy-saving vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump. The centrifugal force generated by the impeller of the rotary pump drives the fluid to transfer. Its pump body and motor are composed of main shaft, impeller, diffuser, pump case and mechanical seal, and connected by coupling.
  • HVM, HVMT series can be used as booster pump alone or as auxiliary booster equipment in the booster system of construction and industry. Its piping structure ensures that the pump is directly installed in the same horizontal piping system with the same diameter in and out. This design makes the structure and piping of the pump more compact. HVM, HVMT series vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump can be installed vertically or horizontally on pipeline according to different installation space. In the case of horizontal installation, the pump needs to be added with fixed module to ensure the stability of the pump during operation.

SH Series (60Hz)

pumpscart vertical centrifugal pump is made by pumpscart latest technology and profession. SH/I/N pump is an energy saving, non-self priming pump, and coupled to a standard premiumefficient motor; and it enables to be work easily in different and wide application. It’s built to suit a variety of aggressive and high temperature liquids, and is designed to reduce lifecycle costs in a wide range of demanding applications such as water supply, pressure boosting, industrial circulation systems, process water, cooling water circulation system, fire-extinguishing system and irrigation, heating and air-conditioning. The pump consists various types of connections (IEC,ANSI or JIS) to meet the international standard.



  • Water supply and pressure boostingPressure boosting in buildings, hotels, residential、complexes、Pressure booster stations, supply of water、networks、Pressure boosting for industrial water supply
  • Light industryWashing and cleaning systems、Car washing facilities、Fire fighting systems、Process water systems、Machine tools (cooling lubricants)
  •  Heating, ventilation and air-conditioningBoilers、Induction heating、Heat exchangers、Refrigerators、Cooling towers and systems、Temperature control systems● Irrigation and agriculture

    Greenhouses、Sprinkler irrigation、Field irrigation (flooding)

  •  Water treatmentWater softeners and de-mineralization、Reverse Osmosis systems、Distillation systems、Filtration、Ultra-filtration systems