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xylem 2000 Series End-Suction Fire Pump



  • UL listed FM approved
  • 250 to 500 GPM, 40 to 50 PSI
  • Cast Iron Bronze Fitted
  • Flex coupled
  • Electric motor or diesel engine driven
  • Foot supported, rear pull-out, top centerline, sefl-venting design
  • Single stuff box

AC Fire Pump offers a range of end-suction pumps. The 2000 Series fire pumps are designed to provide water to stand pipe, sprinkler, chemical mitigation and hydrant systems for fire suppression in industrial and commercial facilities. The top centerline discharge with foot supported casing simplifies piping layout and reduces problems associated with piping strain. Impellers are hydraulically balanced to extend bearing life and assure smoother operationThe rear pullout design comes with spacer coupling for ease of maintenance. You do not need to disturb the driver or piping when removing rotating element.


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