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Pumps for Steel Industry

Dealer and Supplier of Steel Industry Pumps offered by Pumpscart in India. This makes us a preferred choice as a provider of pumping solutions for a diverse range of applications in the Steel Industry sector.


We are leading provider of Steel Industry Pumps in India. Steel Industry Manufacturers In India | An Pumps provides pumping solutions for transferring raw material slurries of various concentrations at high temperatures and also for dosing additives for chemical treatment. Robust designs of our pumps prove to be highly efficient and require very low maintenance in demanding applications of the steel industry. Steel industry, the business of processing iron ore into steel, which in its simplest form is an iron-carbon alloy, and in some cases, turning that metal into partially finished products or recycling scrap metal into steel. The steel industry grew out of the need for stronger and more easily produced metals.

Types of Steel Pump

Multi-Stage Pump

Pumpscart series is a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump. Horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps are side suction pumps with vertical delivery and diffuser type casing. RKB horizontal multistage centrifugal pump series impellers are of radial flow type provided with balancing holes. Its horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps have standard grease lubrication,.

Process Pump

Pumpscart process pumps are used for handling various types of chemical liquids. These process pumps are manufactured to close tolerance and are of rigid construction. However, proper installation, operation and maintenance are equally important to ensure trouble free service. Its process pumps are either gland packed or mechanically sealed.

Split-Case Pumps

Pumpscart UP series are horizontal split casing type pumps with suction, discharge nozzles and their supporting feet integrally cast in the lower half casing. This construction enables to remove the rotating unit for inspection and repairs by just removing upper half casing and without disturbing alignment, pipe connection or prime mover.

Sump Pump

Pumpscart sump pump is used for process applications. It has a wide range of applications in various chemical process industries. KPD-S type sump pumps are manufactured to close tolerances and as per rigid specifications.

Utility Pumps

Pumpscart pumps are of back-pull-out design which enables to remove the rotating unit of pump for inspection and repairs without disturbing the pipe connections and motor by using spacer type coupling.


What is steel pump?

Steel Pumps are ingeniously designed and developed employing latest engineering softwares, high-tech machinery of pumping technology to deliver the best possible hydraulic efficiency

Why is stainless steel used for pumps?

Steel pump make it an excellent option for magnetic pump construction. The material and chemical make-up give it a greater resistance to chemicals. This combination of metals in the alloy gives the steel strength against high temperatures, pitting, and corrosion resistance.

Benefits from steel pump
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Easy to weld
  • Excellent formability
Advantages of Steel Pumps

Self- healing nature adds extra strength and durability. Can work in high, low and moderate It makes pump sets temperature conditions.