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Processing Pumps supplier for Sugar Industry in India

Dealer and Supplier of high quality processing pumps Sugar Industry in India. This makes us a preferred choice as a provider of pumping solutions for a diverse range of applications in the Sugar mills in India.


PumpsCart is a leading supplier and service provider of processing pumps for Sugar Industry in India.  Whether from sugar cane or sugar beet, production of sugar is an extremely challenging process as the pulp laden juice gets condensed and converted to molasses and is treated with hot water stream to extract sugar. Processing Pumps are designed to easily handle tough to transfer highly viscous media like molasses, syrup melt, magma, mud, massecuite etc. Sugar is produced in two principal ways, from beet or cane. In beet production sugar is extracted or leached from sliced sugar beets (cossettes), after which juice is purified through a series of milk of lime and CO2 process steps. The filtered juice is evaporated (thickened) and sugar is crystallized from it.

Types of Suger Pump

Single-stage centrifugal pumps closed impeller

Single-stage spiral casing pump with closed impeller, also available according to EN 733, ISO 2858 and 5193 standards. For clean, slightly contaminated and aggressive liquids up to a viscosity of 150 mm2/s without abrasive and solids content.

Single-stage centrifugal pumps Semi-open and open impeller

Single-stage spiral casing pumps with semi-open and open impeller for large open cross-sections or high pressures. Various material combinations available guarantee long life cycles and outstanding economic efficiency in many different applications.

Self-priming centrifugal pumps

Single-stage centrifugal pumps including integrated water ring vacuum pump with semi-open impeller, making the pump suitable for pumping applications up to a sugar content of 70% without any difficulties.

Medium-consistency pumps

Single-stage medium-consistency pump with fluidizer for all types of viscous media occurring in sugar production.


Application of Pumps in sugar industry

Pumps are used in the sugar industry for a wide range of applications. Pumping cane juice, slurry, hot water, syrup, and handling magma/massecuite in the sugar and viscous liquids are some such uses. In addition, pumps are also used in sugarcane farms for irrigation.

Advantage of right processing pump for Sugar Mills

High-efficiency and cost-effective

 Long life, reliable and durable

 Customer-focussed and custom-designed

 Compact-sized and ease of servicing

 Decades of experience

 Comprehensive technical know-how

 Low overall cost of ownership

Applications within the sugar industry Pump.
  • Cost effective performance
    Most Sugar processing pumps are constructed in ductile iron for use where stainless steel is unnecessary on duties such as magma and massecuite.

  • Low energy consumption
    Lower power requirements than other pump technologies.

  • Compact design
    Occupies considerably less floor space than other pump technologies.

  • Ability to pump abrasive media
    Non-contacting pumphead design enhances the pump’s ability to handle abrasive crystalline slurries, whilst minimising product damage.

  • Cost effective easy maintenance
    Low running and maintenance costs and easy access to pumphead minimising downtime, results in a reduced lifecycle cost (LCC).