Pumps for Food Industry in India

At Pumpscart, we can accomodate your needs with a wide range of food volumetric pumps including hygienic and food-grade progress in India

Pumpscart is the prominent supplier and exporter of Food Industry Pumps in India. Pumscart Food Grade Pumps, all metallic parts in contact with the media being handled are fabricated in smooth finish stainless steel. These pumps are provided with metal bonded aseptic food grade elastomeric stator resistant to oil & fats. Pumpscart Pumps are designed to maintain absolute hygiene and are among the easiest to clean and maintain. From thickest pastes to highly viscous liquids and shear-sensitive media’s pumping solutions for food and beverages industry are not only required to handle various applications  but are also expected to do maintain highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Types of Food Industry Pumps

Food Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive cavity pumps are a type of rotary volumetric pump that consist of a helical rotor, which turns inside a helical stator When the rotor turns into the stator, the honeycomb progresses spirally along the axis of the pump transferring the product from the pump suction to the pump discharge. They are pulsation-free and capable of handling higher pressure (up to 24 bars), making them ideal for jobs in the food sector that require a steady flow of liquid regardless of viscosity.

Food Dosing pumps

Dosing pumps are small positive displacement pumps, designed to offer a precise flow rate by drawing a specific amount of liquid into a chamber to be injected substance. They are usually powered by an electric motor or air actuator, and controlled by an external control system or an internal pump controller, which allows for minimal loss. Dosing pumps can handle a range of fragile fluids with solids (up to 48 mm) which makes them suitable for use over a number of industries.

Food Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps can cover a variety of applications, as they are suitable for abrasive, corrosive and fragile liquids. With no shearing and no internal slip, these pumps are ideal to handle fragile products. Peristaltic pumps can be used for any kind of liquid (corrosive, abrasive, fragile, with solids), making them ideal to use for food applications, as they can be adapted to suit your company’s needs. Treat soya oil, ferments, tomato puree and more with this versatile pump.




Food Grade Pumps aren’t limited to just the food industry. These high-quality pumps are designed to adhere to strict hygienic standards for use in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, and Cosmetics industries.

Food pumps are used throughout the food and beverage industries to transfer, mix and dose fluid and semi-fluid substances in processing and production applications. Pumps for food processing are manufactured from food grade materials and have smooth surfaces to prevent contamination from food and bacteria buildup.

  • Petfood processing equipment. 
  • Dairy pumps & processing equipment. 
  • Beverages: PCM pumps & equipment. 
  • Convenience food: Dosing and filling PCM pumps & equipment.
  • Fruits and vegetables: PCM pumps & equipment. Sugar and starch market: PCM pumps & equipment. 
  • Meat and fish pumps.
  • Handling a broad temperature range.
  • Managing routine cleaning/sanitization.
  • Ensuring hygiene and protection from contamination.
  • Accomplishing loading, unloading and transferring functions.
CapacityUp to 50 m³/hr.
Pressure Stages6, 12, 18 & 24 Bar
TemperatureUp to 150° C / 302° F
ViscosityUp to 30,000 cst
Solid Handling CapabilityUp to 12%
Industrial Pumps India
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Industrial Pumps India
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