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UHP Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting System

Riggers Pumps designs and manufactures most reliable High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps for UHP Fire Suppression Systems and Ultra High Pressure Skid unit. Riggers Pumps manufacturer High Pressure Plunger Pumps ranging from 75 bar to 2000 bar Pressure with flow rate of 20 LPM to 445 LPM. UPH equipments blasts water instantly over the fire fighting area suppressing the fire instantly. We supply ultra high pressure pumps with fire skid unit. Trailer mounted fire fighting equipments can be mobile. UHP equipments are integrated using pumps from leading manufacturers like

CAT Pumps


Pratissoli Pumps

UHP Fire Fighting Equipment Application Insight


CAT Pump Series

CAT Pumps – Fire Fighting Equipments

S.N Model Flow Rate in LPM
Pressure in bar
1 RP 80 – 150 75 – 150


Cat Pumps Series Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) foam firefighting systems combine the most dependable pump in the market with foam induction technology for the best quick-response technology. Our high-pressure, low-flow pumps deliver a precise metered water/foam solution up to 45 feet/13.7 m for quick fire suppression. Low-flow pumps provide increased time at the fire line, even with a limited supply of water. Its effectiveness and low water consumption. Along with low water usage, the high-pressure and deep into roots for effective fire breaks and increased protection against rekindling. Fire foaming systems range from 3.5 gpm/13.2 lpm for small and up to 200 gpm/757 lpm for military and commercial applications. Most systems operate in the 8 to 20 gpm/30.2 to 75.7 lpm range with pressures of 1,000 to 1,500 psi/69 to 103.5 bar. For pump systems 10 gpm/37.8 lpm and lower, pumps can be belt or gearbox-driven off gas or diesel engines. For flows above 10 gpm/37.8 lpm, systems are typically belt-driven. A hydraulic-driven option is available for all fire foaming pumps.



INTERPUMP – Fire Fighting Pumps

S.N Model Flow Rate in LPM
Pressure in bar
1 RP 129 – 217 100 – 150


We are leading supplier of Interpump-Fire Fighting Pumps in Chennai, Tamilnadu. Interpump has designed and built more compact and manageable pumps, more silent and structured in such a way as to make the replacement of parts subject to wear easier. These performances make the use on vehicles set up for sewer jetting and road washing, on washing gantries for heavy vehicles and on fire-fighting systems. Interpump innovation was the adoption of ceramic pistons, which, compared to those in steel, have guaranteed greater durability and reliability. All pump components are made with the highest quality materials, checked and verified with systematic and continuous accuracy in every production step; assembly is carried out with the utmost precision, to allow it to withstand the high stresses associated with operating cycles.



PRATISSOLI – Fire Fighting Plunger Pumps

S.N Model Flow Rate in LPM
Pressure in bar
1 RP 190 – 265 130 – 170


The Pratissoli line includes more than 120 pump models supplying flow rates up to 190-265 LPM, pressures up to 150 BAR and power up to 330 KW. There are a multitude of applications that range from the petrochemical to the building industry to water treatment, from industrial maintenance to environmental protection. Severe production monitoring, constant machine tools upgrade and regular personnel training allow the very high quality standards Pratissoli is known for, according to the company philosophy, the market expectations and the company’s ambitious development plans. These pumps are mainly used on vehicles designed for urban cleaning and for sewer jetting.

Hydro Jetting Trolley Mounted System with Filters

Hydro Jetting Trolley Mounted System with Filters


Product Specifications

Driver Type : Electric motor driven, Diesel engine driven


S.N Model Flow Rate in LPM (GPM) Pressure in bar (PSI) Motor HP
1 RP 62 – 73 560 – 670 100 – 120

Our jetting machine for also provides for speed related variability (in multiple different settings) so that you can effectively control, and optimize your process and job flow while reducing wastage. The leading of all hydro jetting machine supplier in Chennai bring to you the best and multi-featured jetting machine sewer cleaning for all process scenarios. We are offering a robustly constructed range of Hydro Jetting Trolley Mounted, which is a combination of power and toughness. well known for safety and ease of use, our range is extensively demanded in diverse industries. Optimum performance and great versatility make this cleaner the ideal choice for the most demanding situations.

Application of usage:

Car washing centres, Pathay way cleaning, Industrial grinder washer, Drain cleaning ., Hotel industries, Railways and many more.


What is a UHP system?

Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) is defined by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) as pump pressures above 1100 psi. When the water droplet absorbs heat, it converts to steam, displacing oxygen, and removing heat from the super-heated environment — and extinguishing the fire.

What is fire fighting equipment used for?

Fire fighting equipment is equipment designed to extinguish fires or protect the user from fire. It may be used by trained fire fighters, untrained users at the scene of a fire, or built into a building’s infrastructure (such as a sprinkler system).

UHP fire fighting equipment specifications
  • 15 m (49 ft.) effective throwing distance.
  • Water consumption reduce more than 60%
  • Foam gun with piston hand grip.
  • 90% of water direct reach into fire.
  • Decrease temp. by more than 1,000 °F in just seconds.
UHP fire fighting equipment benefits
  • Fast decreasing rate in temperature. Using UHP fire suppression pump and correct attack forms, upper-layer room temperatures can be decreased by more than 1,000 °F in just seconds.
  • Better safety and visibility.
  • Ultra Effective.
  • Uses of less water.
  • Keep the Pressure On.

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